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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The Smoked Cocktail Kit can be used to smoke a variation of cocktails, red wines, dark beer, cheeses, meats, and much more. We love it to make the perfect Smoked Old Fashioned or Smoked Bourbon or Whiskey, but our customers use it for wine, tequila, scotch, and more.


Confirm there is a screen placed into the smoker base unit. The screen will be a tight fit and must be mashed into the chimney. This keeps the screen from falling out when you tap out the ashes after smoking a drink.


  1. Load a small amount of chips (pencil eraser size pile) on top of the screen that is pressed into the chimney. Less chips are better than more. Don’t pack it, just fill the screen about 1/2 full and keep the chips loose.

  2. Place the Smoke Top on top of the glass of your choosing.

  3. Hold the torch lighter (must be a blue flame torch) a few inches from the wood chips and direct the flame directly down into the center of the screen. Slowly lower the torch to 1-2 inches from the wood chips.

  4. The wood chips should begin to glow red. If the flame pushes the chips out of the chimney, adjust the torch to a lower setting. If it is taking longer than 5 seconds to fill the glass with smoke, adjust the torch to a higher setting.

  5. After desired smokiness is achieved, remove and enjoy. Be sure to discard the burnt wood chips into a non-flammable container.

  6. About every 15 drinks or so, you'll notice the smoke flow will be reduced. This is because the screen will become clogged with soot. Simply scrape the screen with the pointed end of a knife to clean. After 200 or so cocktails, you should replace the screen with a new one. Simply push a pen or pencil through the bottom of the smoker to pop out the screen. Next, push in the new screen from the top of the smoker until firmly until seated.


Smoke Top

Smoking chips

Flavors: Standard kits include a mix of 4 flavors of chips that may include Oak, Pecan, Maple, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, and Mesquite and VIP kits add our special Bourbon Soaked Oak chips.

Each container has enough premium smoking chips for 50 cocktails

Torch lighter

Torch Fuel

1 Extra Filter/Screen



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