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About Us

The Full Story

Holy Smoke Concepts was founded in 2021 by a bourbon enthusiast in Texas that was bored to death during the pandemic. That boredom of being locked down at home lead him to leverage his early career skillset as a manufacturing engineer. He put together a workshop and began experimenting with smoking bourbon cocktails. His first prototype cocktail smoker was built with a simple block of scrap wood with a hole drilled through it.

As a good manufacturing engineer should, he kept adding new woodworking machines, and perfecting the prototype smokers until he had something that looked pretty cool and worked remarkable well. Then, he gave one to his son who created a video of it and posted it on TikTok. A few days later, the video had amassed over one-half million hits. At that point his son called and said " you have a website for this thing?" It was then that this morphed into a business and as they say...the rest is history.

Today, Holy Smoke Concepts, LLC is a husband-and-wife team managing and operating a small business in Texas. Our promise is to handcraft and curate the very best items that will help you to enjoy your happy hour...or any hour at home and to help you to impress your guests with the latest trends in cocktails, appetizers, unique barware, handcrafted Oak wood cocktail cmokers, and personalized home barware, 

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